New Mexico Company Kicks Off Production of Silent Falcon UAS

222_silent_falcon_3.28.2014 New Mexico Company Kicks Off Production of Silent Falcon UASAlbuquerque, N.M.-based Silent Falcon UAS Technologies (SFUAS), a former subsidiary of Bye Aerospace Inc., has transitioned to the production phase of its Silent Falcon unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

Bye Aerospace says the patent-pending Silent Falcon is a solar/electric, all-composite, modular small UAS with an interchangeable wing configuration designed for commercial, public safety and defense applications.

The combination of efficient aerodynamic design, lightweight composite construction and advanced solar energy collection gives the 25-pound UAS flight endurance ranging from six to 12 hours, the company adds.

‘The Silent Falcon's unprecedented performance and value is ready for the marketplace, as we have commenced low-rate initial production,’ comments John Brown, president of SFUAS. He reports that Silent Falcon sales teams are targeting domestic, Latin America and South Asia trade shows in the next few weeks.

In 2010, Bye Aerospace notes that it created what is now SFUAS, capitalizing the company with a prototype electric unmanned aerial vehicle and initial design work on solar electric hybrid propulsion.

Photo courtesy of Silent Falcon UAS Technologies


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