New Hampshire City Mulls Cemetery UAV Restrictions

The City of Claremont, N.H., is looking to implement a policy that would keep consumer unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from flying over cemeteries.

According to coverage from the Eagle Times, the Claremont City Council will vote on Oct. 12 to decide the fate of a proposed ordinance that would ban UAVs over the four city-owned cemeteries. (Privately owned cemeteries would not be included in the restriction.)

“No privately owned drone or similar aerial device shall be permitted in the airspace over municipal cemeteries,” the ordinance document states.

The report says Jane Taylor, the city’s solicitor, compared the noise of a UAV to a “swarm of angry bumble bees” and said the drone restriction would be “common sense.”

Read the full coverage here.


  1. So if the drone was silent it would be OK. I suppose the equipment they use to cut the grass doesn’t make any noise either. Nor do the jet planes or small aircraft flying in “their airspace” make any noise. Just another example of burecrats taking up non issues instead of focusing on the issues that really matter.


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