New DX-3 Fixed-Wing, VTOL Drone Suited for Harsh Climates


Canadian drone company The Sky Guys Ltd. has announced its new technology division, Defiant Labs, and unveiled a new drone, the DX-3.

The fixed-wing drone, which can vertically take off and land (VTOL), is designed to monitor and inspect long-range infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines or power transmission lines.

According to the company, the DX-3 can carry up to 3 kilograms of payload and features integrated sensors, such as high-resolution and optical-zoom and infrared cameras, and optional LiDAR for 3D mapping.

With a 1,500-kilometer range of use, the drone is also suited to work in all environmental conditions, such as in the rain, desert or arctic.

Flight testing and pre-orders of DX-3 will commence in mid-2017, says the company.

Adam Sax, CEO and founder of The Sky Guys and owner of Defiant Labs, says, “Not only do we have advanced imaging processing for industrial inspections and security applications, the data processing features predictive analytics forecasting. We are excited to have partnered with NVIDIA to build proprietary solutions based on their learning algorithms. Because the basic platform is [artificial intelligence]-enabled, the patterns and possibilities are endless.”

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