New ‘Drones to the Rescue’ Campaign Gains Proponent

Imagination TV Inc., a hosted self-help television network broadcast online, has partnered with ‘Drones to the Rescue’ to help the team gain awareness and assist in the company launch.

The project, ‘Drones to the Rescue,’ is launching on Indiegogo on Nov. 24. According to Imagination TV, the project – which has a campaign mission of providing its first product line of search-and-rescue drones – will change the way emergency situations are handled.

The network explains that the team has unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can reach people in small spaces and supply food, water and medicine to trapped victims.

The UAVs are equipped with cameras, GPS and a payloader device. The prototype water-resistant GPS tracker is a small, lightweight, self-powered, stand-alone device that attaches to the drone and delivers real-time flight data information to a user's laptop, computer or smartphone.

The GPS tracker gives exact GPS coordinates of the device every minute, along with speed and direction. The device also has its own SIM card and phone number.

The Indiegogo campaign goal is to raise $40,000, which will cover the production costs of the components, funding of further research and expansion of the product line.

Imagination TV will begin launching an awareness campaign on its website and on its 24/7 network, which is broadcast online here.

More information on the project can be found here.


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