New Commercial Exemptions for service-drone UAS

1072_multirotor-g4-4-8-eagle_small-447334849978 New Commercial Exemptions for service-drone UASHawk Aerial LLC and Unmanned Systems Inc. have been granted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exemptions to conduct commercial operations of the MULTIROTOR service-drone Eagle V2 and Skycrane, respectively.

‘We are thrilled to now see our industrial-grade, mission-proven UAS deployed in the United States after years of successful commercial operations in Europe without any reported crashes since the introduction of the MULTIROTOR G4 technology,’ says Bernd Lutz, CEO of bizUAS Corp., the North and South American distributor for service-drone.

‘Hawk Aerial is looking forward to offer complete aerial data acquisition and processing services for infrastructure and asset inspection, photogrammetry, and agriculture,’ says Kevin Gould, founder of Hawk Aerial. According to the exemption grant, Hawk Aerial also received authorization to operate the DJI Phantom 2, Altavian Nova F6500 and Altavian R8400.

Unmanned Systems’ exemption grant says the other unmanned aerial systems (UAS) permitted for use are the modified F-450 quadcopter by Flame Wheel and the Tarrot 900 hexacopter. The company will conduct operations for motion picture and television filming.

service-drone is a German manufacturer of industrial-grade UAS. Aviation-grade maintenance and repair for all service-drone UAS are performed by Robotic Skies, an extensive network of FAA-certified Part 144 repair stations.

1072_service-drone-photo-5432ca468e67c-skycrane New Commercial Exemptions for service-drone UAS


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