New Camera Chip Doubles Ultra HD Frame Rate for Quadcopters


789_h1-chip-photo New Camera Chip Doubles Ultra HD Frame Rate for QuadcoptersAmbarella Inc., a developer of low-power, HD and ultra HD video processing semiconductors, has introduced the H1 camera System-On-Chip (SoC) for a new generation of sports and quadcopter cameras.

The Ambarella H1 supports 4K Ultra HD H.264 video encoding at 60 fps for high-speed, live-action recording with smooth, slow-motion capabilities, the company says.

It also supports the new H.265/HEVC (high efficiency video coding) video standard for 4K ultra HD encoding at up to 30 fps, providing higher image quality at lower bitrates, as well as faster video uploads and higher-resolution video streaming.

A new generation of image sensor pipeline with high dynamic range processing delivers high-quality video and high megapixel photos even under extreme lighting conditions, according to Ambarella. The H1 also includes advanced electronic image stabilization for stable video recording during windy or high-motion conditions.

“The adoption of 4K Ultra HD video has been accelerating across consumer electronics markets,” says Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella. “The Ambarella H1 will enable a new generation of sports and flying cameras with high frame rate Ultra HD video, bringing professional-quality filmmaking to the consumer.”

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