Neb. Lawmaker Proposes Trespassing Offense for ‘Unauthorized’ UAV Photography

Nebraska State Sen. John Kuehn, R-District 38, has introduced legislation that would restrict unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations for cinematography/photography above private property in the state.

On the official site of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature, Kuehn says the bill, L.B.720, “would make the unauthorized capture of images by unmanned aerial vehicles a trespassing offense.”

“Many of these drones have the ability to capture photos and video during their flight. As the technology advances, the law regarding an individual’s right to privacy with drones flying over personal private property and taking photos and videos has not kept pace,” he says.

Thus, Kuehn’s introduced legislation would mandate that UAV operators obtain “express permission to capture an image over private property using drones flying below 200 feet.”

“It does not affect the flying or use of drones but, rather, protects citizens, their homes, businesses and farms from unauthorized photos and videos. I look forward to the discussion about the appropriate use of this new and exciting technology.”

The full text of L.B.720 can be found here.


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