National Geographic, Dronestagram Share This Year’s Top UAV Photos

413_200443036-001 National Geographic, Dronestagram Share This Year's Top UAV PhotosDronestagram, a site that houses unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photography, has concluded its photo competition – and the winners have come up with some stunning work.

The competition, which judges the best UAV photography of 2014, was sponsored by National Geographic, GoPro, Picanova, Droneshop and Parrot. It explains in the contest description that the first-place winner receives a DJI Phantom 2 vehicle, a GoPro Black Edition camera, a feature in the Newswatch section of the National Geographic website and a photo in the French edition of the magazine, among other prizes.

First place went to a crystal-clear shot of a bird in flight over Indonesia’s Bali Barat National Park. The photo appears to have been taken in such close proximity to the animal it is as if the eagle could flap its wing up and knock the UAV on its side.

The second-place prize went to a more interactive shot: a low-altitude view of observers in the Philippines who are peering up in fascination at the object. Other winners included sunset views in southeastern France and an overhead shot of a waterfall in Mexico.

The winners were chosen by Dronestagram and National Geographic.

The photos can be viewed here.


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