NASA Calls Off UAS Airspace Operations Challenge

821_nasa NASA Calls Off UAS Airspace Operations ChallengeNASA says it has canceled its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Airspace Operations Challenge (AOC) because of costs and ‘unanticipated technical and operational issues.’

Through its Centennial Challenges Program, NASA had planned to host a competition where groups would meet at Ohio and Indiana test sites and come up with collision-avoidance systems for UAS, according to a report from the Dayton Business Journal. Awarded prizes would be $500,000 and $1 million.

“NASA Centennial Challenges have historically been high-risk and leveraged activities conducted with minimal government funding,” NASA said on its site.

“NASA reviewed the intended outcomes of the AOC and determined that the competition was no longer timely or cost-effective to execute as planned. NASA's cancellation of the AOC was not based in any way on technical progress or performance of the registered teams,” it explained.

The space agency added that it still wants to meet with the teams “to discuss their innovative work” and will also be refunding their registration fees.


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