Nano GPS Module Integrates with Nano Drone


741_nano_hornet_hand Nano GPS Module Integrates with Nano DroneUnmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions provider Torquing Group Ltd. has integrated its ZANO drone with OriginGPS' Nano Hornet, a small GPS module with an integrated antenna.

Measuring just 10 mm x 10 mm x 3.44 mm, the Nano Hornet adds location information to ZANO, which also has miniature measurements of 65 mm x 65 mm and weighs 55 grams.

Since 2008, Torquing Group has created UAVs for the military and defense industry, but it is now reaching into the consumer market by launching its Kickstarter campaign for ZANO, a portable aerial photography and video platform. 741_zano_black Nano GPS Module Integrates with Nano Drone

It connects directly with smart devices (iOS or Android) via onboard Wi-Fi to upload and shares images or videos instantly. OriginGPS’ Micro Hornet adds location information to ZANO and allows the aircraft to stay light and portable.

With the help of OriginGPS, ZANO is able to know exactly where it is in relation to a smart device. Through a virtual tether, ZANO will echo any movement made by the smart device it is synced to.

“Fully featured, high-performance components that have minimal size and power consumption enable developers to create innovative devices with the smaller form factors that consumers demand without compromising functionality,” says Gal Jacobi, CEO of OriginGPS.

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