Nano Drone Gets Makeover, Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal


905_nano_droneresized Nano Drone Gets Makeover, Surpasses Crowdfunding GoalMorrison Innovations, creator of the Nano Drone, says it has put the finishing touches on an updated version of the tiny aircraft, which has already reached its crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo.

Although it's not indestructible, the new version of the Nano Drone is sturdier and more forgiving, according to Morrison Innovations. It features top and side impact guards that virtually eliminate the problem of blades flying off when the quadcopter bumps into something. Similarly, skid guards on the bottom make for safe and tangle-free carpet landings.

Designers have also upgraded the flight mechanics of the drone, including the addition of on-board, six-axis stabilization software. Also, three-speed calibration enables smoother lift and pinpoint maneuverability.

Finally, the packaging of the Nano Drone has been re-imagined; rather than being disposable, the new packaging doubles as a protective display and storage case.

‘The Nano Drone is a great introduction to quadcopter flight, letting new pilots learn the ropes and become comfortable with the technology,’ explains Robert Morrison, CEO of Morrison Innovations.

Although the Nano Drone crowdfunding campaign, which began on Feb. 4, concludes on March 13, it has already exceeded its original funding goal of just over $15,000. Those funds will go toward the tooling, packaging, production and quality testing of the new quadcopters.

Photo courtesy of Nano Drone/Indiegogo

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