Multivista Introduces Full-Service UAV Solutions for Construction

Multivista, a Phoenix-headquartered provider of visual construction documentation and a division of Hexagon AB, has released Multivista UAV, a full-service suite of construction drone services.

With a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and certified pilots, Multivista says it is now offering aerial solutions tailored specifically to the construction industry. As with the company’s other offerings, the visual UAV data is linked to project plans and is accessible from a cloud-based software platform.

“Because of limitations navigating vertical construction projects, we knew that current autonomous UAV options in our industry weren’t going to work for most of our clients,” states Multivista’s chief technology officer, Graham Twigg. “Pilot-controlled UAVs allow far more flexibility and the ability to deliver the critical elevated and aerial perspectives our clients need – faster, safer and closer than ever.”

In regards to the company’s decision to enter the “heavily regulated” UAV market, Luis Pascual, Multivista’s president and CEO, says, “We’ve spent thousands of hours developing our UAV program and training a team of expert UAV pilots. These men and women know how to navigate both the complex regulatory environment, as well as the dynamics of an active construction site.”

The company says its team of UAV pilots is serving 30 international markets, and it plans to expand further by 2018.


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