MtronPTI Shrinks Filter for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communication Links


MtronPTI, a provider of precision frequency control and custom RF/microwave filters, has unveiled the LF9422 Series L/S Band Filter Diplexer to help reduce size, weight and power for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications.

‘UAVs must operate with a minimum of weight and power yet maintain network-centric communication – command, data and often real-time video – with their ground operators,’ says Paul Dechen, vice president of worldwide sales at MtronPTI. ‘MtronPTI's LF9422 delivers 15 dB port-to-port isolation and less than 1.25 dB loss for L and S band secure data links in a one-inch square SMD package at under nine grams.’

‘We're seeing many requests for communications link and radar support with primary frequencies in the L and S bands (1-2 GHz and 2-4 GHz),’ Dechen adds. ‘The LF9422 Filter Diplexer combines L/S band services into one feed with very low loss – increasing communication range, saving radio power and resulting battery or UAV motor weight.’

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