Mota’s Paperclip-Size Streaming Drone Available in July

Drone and consumer electronics company Mota Group has announced the July availability of the MOTA JETJAT ULTRA paperclip-size drone.

Measuring only 1.65 inches (42 mm) per side, the $100 JETJAT ULTRA sends streaming video to a user’s smartphone from up to 80 feet away.

Other features include throw-to-fly, one-touch take-off, automatic flight stabilization, auto hover, 360-degree maneuverability, and one-touch landing. A six-axis gyro system helps ensure stable flight, and the ULTRA’s motors allow users to do aerial stunts such as back flips and barrel rolls, says Mota.

Users can control the ULTRA with either the included controller or an Android or iOS phone. The controller features right- and left-handed operation, expandable grips and three responsiveness modes for novice to pro pilots.

Designed for portability, the ULTRA fits inside its controller for travel and can be recharged from any ± 5 V USB power source, including a laptop. Each ULTRA includes a parts pack with guards, extra propellers and a charging cable.

Mota says the JETJAT ULTRA is designed for ages 12 and above. It can be pre-ordered online in either pearl white or matte black; Mota expects to begin shipping the aircraft in July.


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