More Commercial UAS Exemptions Bring Total to 16

848_166510032 More Commercial UAS Exemptions Bring Total to 16The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted two more regulatory exemptions – to AeroCine LLC and Burnz Eye View Inc. – for commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations.

New York City-based Aerobo, founded by graduates of NYU Tisch film school, will operate UAS for aerial cinematography. According to the exemption grant, the 12-rotor aircraft is a Kopterworx Model Hammer X12.

Burnz Eye View Inc., which is headquartered in Southern California, will use the exemption to fly UAS for aerial photography and inspections. The company will be using a DJI Phantom 2.

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx found that the UAS in the proposed operations do not need an FAA-issued certificate of airworthiness because they do not pose a threat to national airspace users or national security. Those findings are permitted under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.

The FAA says operations require both a pilot and observer, the pilot must have at least an FAA Private Pilot certificate and a current medical certificate, and the UAS must remain within line of sight at all times.

To date, the FAA has received 295 requests for exemptions from commercial entities. It has granted a total of 16.


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