MLB Player’s UAV is Not Welcome at Spring Training


930_149064135 MLB Player's UAV is Not Welcome at Spring TrainingA drone-building Major League Baseball (MLB) player is no longer allowed to fly his creation at spring training.

After Trevor Bauer of the Cleveland Indians used his self-built UAV to take photos over Goodyear Park in Arizona and posted them to Twitter, MLB contacted the Indians organization for Bauer to keep his UAV away, according to a report from

The photos feature an aerial view of empty baseball fields, as well as some fans gathered in the parking lot.

Terry Francona, manager of the Indians, told that MLB sent a “note telling [Bauer] to cool it.” Francona agreed with the order, saying the team would be “in all kinds of trouble” if the Federal Aviation Administration were to get involved, as the ballpark is in close proximity to a small airport. Bauer added that he does not “want to break any rules.”

He has since posted to Twitter a number of posts related to the incident, including, “Hey @MLB if my drone is really banned, can I at least have that rule named in my honor?”

The full coverage can be found here.

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