Mizzou’s Journalism School Establishes its Own Drone Guidelines

The University of Missouri’s School of Journalism recently passed its first set of guidelines for the use of drones for students and staff.

According to the university, the standards promote a “safe, legal and responsible protocol for students, faculty and staff who wish to fly drones for stories with affiliated School of Journalism news organizations or for classes.”

The guidelines, which go beyond the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rules, suggest “practical flight experience,” including a minimum of six hours of “hands-on flight training,” “direct supervision” from someone with an FAA Remote Pilot Airman license, and the completion of an “approved study guide” for the FAA’s Part 107 knowledge test.

The university has its own Missouri Drone Journalism program, which the school describes as an “interdisciplinary partnership” that aims to help students understand the use of drones “in service to society.”

More information on the new guidelines can be found here.


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