MIT, Cornell Researchers Invent UAS That Sets Light for Photographers

423_mitnews_dronegaffer_01 MIT, Cornell Researchers Invent UAS That Sets Light for PhotographersResearchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cornell University have created light-equipped unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to help photographers avoid the often challenging and time-consuming task of finding the right light in a photoshoot.

According to an MIT report, UAS automatically position themselves to throw the proper lighting effects on a subject. The researchers are calling the method ‘rim lighting’ because only the edge of the subject is illuminated.

After the photographer tells the UAS which direction the light should come from and how wide the rim of light should be, the vehicle follows the directions after the steps are repeated and maintains a certain width of light.

To view video footage of the device, click here.

For the full MIT report, click here.

Photo courtesy of MIT


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