Minnesota County Gets OK to Fly UAV for Aerial Imaging

After a nearly yearlong process, a county in Minnesota has obtained approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for aerial imaging.

According to a report from the La Sueur News-Herald, Tim Briggs – the president of AeroLogix Consulting Inc. – will operate a UAV for La Sueur County to obtain high-resolution aerial images of land. Purposes include mapping, natural-disaster relief, construction projects, and assessing ditches and water runoffs.

It was one year ago that Briggs talked to the county about his idea to use a UAV in place of a manned airplane. A UAV is more affordable and can obtain, process and deliver images in a one-day process, the article says.

The FAA then green-lighted Briggs’ proposal in January and eventually gave permission in late August for him to conduct flights specifically in La Sueur County, as the agency prescribes that he must be working for the government.

The FAA also mandates that he must maintain distances from airports and buildings, as well as crowds of people, and must keep track of and report all operations.

Read the full La Sueur News-Herald report here.


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