Military Airspace Limits End Plans for UAS Test Site in Wyoming

Plans to operate an independent test site for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in Wyoming have fallen by the wayside as a consequence of newly enforced military airspace restrictions.

The U.S. Department of Defense lacks the authority to offer special use airspace (SUA) for any activities beyond its intended military purpose. Instead, that power is held by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), according to an article by Inside GNSS.

While the agency notes that SUA is restricted due to the nature of the flights, the FAA maintains that it does not manage any agreements or arrangements made by the agencies operating SUA for use of the airspace.

As such, a UAS test facility at Camp Guernsey, a military base in Wyoming, is closing because of airspace limits. The Joint Training and Experimentation Center, which is part of Applied Research Associates Inc., has been conducting UAS research since 2006, making use of 65 square miles of restricted airspace up to 30,000 feet.

Read the full Inside GNSS article here.


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