Midwest Company Predicts Big Things for Drones in Marketing


981_dji_phantom_2_three_razors_media Midwest Company Predicts Big Things for Drones in MarketingAnticipating the aerial photography and videography needs of its real estate marketing clients, Des Moines, Iowa-based Three Razors Media has added drone technology to its marketing toolbox.

The company, a provider of industry-specific marketing and public relations services with an emphasis on multimedia storytelling, now has a GoPro-equipped DJI Phantom 2.

“We see interest from companies entrenched in everything from agriculture to multifamily investments and transitional development ground,” explains Todd Razor, president of Three Razors Media. “The potential for home builders will be enormous, alongside real estate agents, commercial builders and developers of luxury homes or residential communities.”

Razor, a member of the Iowa Commercial Real Estate Association and Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines, expects to see corporate entities, local governments and real estate professionals embrace the use of drones for marketing purposes.

“We see this as an enormous opportunity to augment our existing suite of video production and editing capabilities, extending both the perspective and the reach of our ag, real estate and construction clients,” he adds. Razor applauds the recently proposed drone rules, which he says widen the potential for the safe, responsible and acceptable use of drones by certified operators.

“Farms. Ranches. Hunting ground. Contemporary buildings. Regional shopping centers. High-end or new construction homes,” says Jereme Thomas, Three Razors industry partner and drone operator. “Just think how cool it would be if each project in your portfolio of professional work had its own drone video?”

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