Michigan Police Choose Aeryon SkyRanger for Statewide UAS Program


Ontario-based Aeryon Labs Inc. says the Michigan State Police (MSP) have chosen to standardize their statewide unmanned aerial systems (UAS) deployment with the Aeryon SkyRanger.

The MSP, a full-service police agency, is currently operating under a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Authorization to train officers in a number of public-safety scenarios to prepare for the statewide rollout.

“For the Michigan State Police agency to provide operational UAS capabilities for 83 counties is a significant deployment, especially with training operators who might not have previous experience flying unmanned systems,” comments Dave Kroetsch, Aeryon Labs’ president and CEO.

The goal of the UAS program, Aeryon Labs says, is to enable officers to operate the SkyRanger in applications such as critical-incident and natural-disaster response, search and rescue, and traffic-accident reconstruction, as well as scene photography.

“We know that the Aeryon SkyRanger’s easy-to-use interface will help speed up the rollout process and ensure that first responders can gain critical field data quickly and accurately,” Kroetsch adds.

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