Michigan Company Puts on FAA-Approved Drone Light Shows


Firefly Drone Shows, a Michigan-based company that puts on drone light shows, says it is expanding its fleet to 200 custom-built drones and is booking for a variety of outdoor events this summer.

Founded by Kyle Dorosz and Ryan Sigmon, the company, like Intel, is one of only a few with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to put on these nighttime performances.

Firefly says it conducts pre-programmed light shows that are automated by a computer. The customized shows are an ideal alternative to traditional fireworks for corporate, private and special events, the company notes.

Firefly says it recently made headlines in Michigan news outlets after a video of its first test performance, recorded by Grand Blanc resident Kaylin Adams, went viral. Dorosz was operating 30 drones at dusk from the Holly Cloud Hoppers flying field, which piqued the curiosity of Adams – plus 10-15 other drivers who parked on the shoulder of the I-75 highway – to view the synchronized light show.

“We are able to create bright, impactful displays in the sky without the significant pollution or steep costs generally associated with fireworks,” says Dorosz.

firefly-drone Michigan Company Puts on FAA-Approved Drone Light Shows
Source: Firefly
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