Man Spots UAV Right Outside His 37th-Floor Apartment


There has been another report of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that got uncomfortably close to someone's private property – this time in Vancouver, British Columbia.

CTV Vancouver says that on the night of Aug. 17, a man noticed a camera-equipped UAV a few feet from the balcony of his 37th-floor apartment. He says the vehicle flew for 45 minutes and circled around other parts of the building as well.

He reportedly captured the evidence on his own camera and has since filed a report with police, who told the news agency that the issue is a “logistical problem as well as a regulatory problem” because of the difficulties in tracking down the owners of anonymous UAVs.

In June, a woman in Seattle claimed a UAV was spying outside the 26th floor of her apartment building. Soon after, the operator came forward and explained his motive, which he said was capturing skyline photographs for his job, not peeping into apartments.

Read the full CTV Vancouver report here.

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