Man Found Not Guilty in ‘Highly Historical’ Drone Legal Case


1276_gavel_orange Man Found Not Guilty in 'Highly Historical' Drone Legal CaseAlmost one year after being arrested for using his unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to allegedly spy inside a medical building, a New York man has been found not guilty of the charges.

According to the Times-Herald Record, David Beesmer was charged last July with ‘second-degree unlawful surveillance’ – which is a felony – after he reportedly brought his mother to a medical facility in Ulster County and then went outside to get aerial shots of the building. (He did not take a plea bargain, however, and the charge ended up being a misdemeanor.)

Beesmer, a videographer, was accused of “video voyeurism” by Thomas Colonna, Ulster County assistant district attorney, who said, “Drones themselves, on a certain level, are surreptitious.”

The UAV-captured video and images, however, did not reveal anything inside the building.

Eric Schneider, Beesmer’s attorney, was quoted by the Global Legal Post as saying, “This is the first case in United States history for unlawful surveillance using a drone. That alone is highly historical and important.”

The full Times-Herald Record report can be found here.

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