London-Based Future Aerial Launches Drone Operations Network


Future Aerial has launched DON, a drone operations network that, when coupled with the company’s Future Drone Cloud, enables any commercial business in any sector to commission multiple fleets of drones at any one time.

Andrew Blogg, David Bush and Jan Domaradzki launched Future Aerial, based in London, in June 2014. The company currently has over 20 fleets of drones signed up in the U.K. and says it is the country’s first nationwide drone operations network.

According to Future Aerial, with the introduction of DON, businesses no longer have to hire individual drone operators or suffer varying levels of quality of data capture, analysis or delivery to complete a nationwide or international job.

Marek Rozycki, non-exec chairman at Future Aerial and a former vice president with, says, “People often talk about drones in a military or a novelty context. These guys are one of the first teams in the world to bring a viable and scalable commercial model for large organizations operating nationwide.”

Chris Fenton, technical director at Octovision Media Ltd. and a customer of Future Aerial, comments, “Drone operators are usually one-man bands. Future Aerial has helped me turn my love for drones into a viable commercial micro-business. It was difficult to get interesting work from large companies before because it is hard for them to work with individuals. Future Aerial removes that barrier and allows me to make a living from flying drones.”future-aerial-group London-Based Future Aerial Launches Drone Operations Network

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