LeddarTech Brings its Optical Sensing Solutions to UAV Market

Quebec City, Quebec-based LeddarTech says its patented Leddar technology has been selected and deployed for use in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) navigation applications.

The customizable optical sensing solutions are aimed at improving spatial awareness, navigation and collision-avoidance capabilities. LeddarTech says its technology, optimized through years of research and development and deployment in industrial and automotive applications, is rapidly gaining traction in the drone market.

Leddar’s single-channel module, available for integration in drone altimeter applications, provides precise distance-above-ground-level measurements on ranges exceeding 30 meters. The solution’s powerful signal processing provides a combination of range, accuracy and reliability for indoor and outdoor flights in a compact form factor, the company explains.

Designed with no moving parts, the sensors are ideal for UAV applications such as structural inspection, indoor navigation, advanced landing assistance or collision avoidance, says LeddarTech.

“Leddar-based vertical-distance measurements allow drones to safely perform smooth takeoffs and landings anywhere, as well as maintain a constant in-flight altitude from ground level,” says Michael Poulin, director of product management at LeddarTech. “This enables drone operators to execute precise flight missions while protecting their equipment and making it safer for people on the ground.”


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