Law Firm Forms New Practice Group to Help Clients Tap the Potential of UAS

Law firm LeClairRyan has launched a new practice group geared toward helping clients maximize the potential of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

‘Our new unmanned aircraft systems practice group represents UAS manufacturers and operators – including businesses and government agencies – in the myriad opportunities and emerging issues in this sector,’ says Tim Adelman, the new practice group's leader. ‘We understand the practical aspects of the industry but are closely tracking the rapidly emerging legal and regulatory landscape as well.

‘The overall goal is to help our clients achieve their objectives even as they minimize risk, difficulties and expense,’ adds Adelman.

‘The list of entities eager to explore UAS – everything from e-commerce businesses to news organizations to mapping and law enforcement agencies – lengthens by the day,’ notes veteran aviation attorney Douglas McQueen, who is based in LeClairRyan's Newark, N.J., office. ‘Meanwhile, both state legislatures and the Federal Aviation Administration continue to promulgate regulations that will promote the safe and sustainable growth of UAS systems.’

Adelman is an instrument-rated, certified flight instructor with experience representing UAS manufacturers and users. McQueen is an experienced commercial airline pilot and trained airline accident investigator and aircraft dispatcher.

According to the law firm, its aviation attorneys have represented UAS manufacturers and other entities employing these systems, including state and federal governments, since 2006.


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