Louisiana Sheriff’s Office Completes Successful Nighttime UAS Task

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office in Bossier Parish, La., says its infrared camera-equipped drone was “instrumental” in tracking down a suspect in a burglary last Wednesday night.

According to a Facebook update from the department, the sheriff’s office was called around 11 p.m. to the scene of a burglary near a wooded area, to where the suspect had fled from a residence.

Citing “low moon visibility,” the department says it deployed its unmanned aircraft system (UAS), whose thermal camera spotted the man “walking in the tree line” within two minutes’ time. The K-9 team then went to the exact location and took the suspect into custody.

The Bossier Sheriff’s office says its recently established “Drone Patrol” program comprises 10 trained deputies who can be called upon to operate the drone 24/7. The department notes that its team deployed its infrared camera-equipped UAS to spot three teenagers who had run away into the woods earlier this year.

“Having these drones is a priority,” says Julian C. Whittington, via the Facebook post. “When we have the ability to launch a drone and quickly locate suspects like we did in this case – or survey damage from a natural disaster or find lost children or an elderly person who has wandered off – that’s a success. It’s another tool in our toolbox, and quite frankly, when it comes to the use of technology to help people, the sky’s the limit.”

Photo captured from the Bossier Sheriff’s Office Facebook video



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