Kittyhawk Unveils AirMap-Powered Version of UAS Management Software

Kittyhawk, a drone fleet management company based in San Francisco, has announced the 5.0 release of its iOS drone management software, which now includes automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast and drone flight tracking.

Thanks to a new collaboration with AirMap, Kittyhawk users do not need to leave the app to receive alerts about live air traffic. In addition, Kittyhawk and AirMap make it easy for operators to send digital notices about their operations to interested parties, such as other unmanned aircraft system (UAS) pilots and more than 150 participating airports.

According to Kittyhawk, the new features in 5.0 allow for more thorough pre-flight planning and relevant information during operations.IMG_6560 Kittyhawk Unveils AirMap-Powered Version of UAS Management Software

“Kittyhawk had previously stayed away from providing in-flight
intelligence, but the AirMap platform presented the right opportunity for us to work with another industry leader on creating an exceptionally useful feature,” says Joshua Ziering, chief pilot of Kittyhawk.

Kittyhawk says its app is free for hobbyists or casual UAS users. It also offers premium subscriptions for more serious individuals or organizations that need team features and enterprise-grade data and services.

“We’re thrilled that Kittyhawk users now have access to live traffic alerts and can provide digital notice of their flights to airports and other airspace stakeholders,” says Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap. “Kittyhawk already delivers incredible value to drone operators before and after they fly, and now, Kittyhawk makes in-flight situational awareness effortless for their users.”


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