Kespry Offers New Drone Data Inventory Management for Mining, Aggregates


Kespry has announced the availability of its enterprise-grade inventory management solution for mining and aggregates companies.

According to the aerial intelligence platform provider, the new offering maximizes profitability by enhancing the ability to monitor, reconcile and manage inventory data across sites, product lines and divisions.

Additionally, Kespry users can now reconcile data from their drone surveys with data from ERP and other systems of record for production and sales data, including SAP BW, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and ViewPoint. This data can then be used to make better production decisions, inform sales teams of available product and reduce write-downs by finance teams, says Kespry.

“Physical inventory accuracy is a defining element of profitability for our 200-plus mining and aggregates customers, and we’re excited to make the process of delivering accurate data much simpler,” says George Mathew, chairman and CEO of Kespry. “Our unique combination of drone-based topographic surveys, cloud-based analytics and inventory management capabilities provide a single source of truth for every site, product line and organization. With over 25 percent of all aggregate material in the U.S. now measured with our aerial intelligence platform, Kespry’s new enterprise-grade inventory management will have an even greater material impact on an industry with tight profit margins and highly variable demand.”

“The new Kespry inventory management features will allow me to track specific products across multiple sites,” notes Brian Biggerstaff, an estimator at CSA Materials. “This will help CSA Materials most efficiently put high-demand materials where we need them.”

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