Joint Venture Launching Cloud-Based Operations Platform for Drones


North Dakota companies Aerobotic Innovations LLC and Packet Digital LLC have together formed Botlink LLC to launch a cloud-based operations platform for drones.

The joint venture, which is using the current Botlink branding, plans to raise $15 million to launch the platform, which Botlink just recently released in a beta version.

‘With the Botlink platform, users will be able to collect and distribute data in real-time, stay airborne up to four times longer, and fly safely with real-time information and alerts on airspace and location of other aircraft and drones,’ explains Terri Zimmerman, CEO of Packet Digital.

Shawn Muehler, CEO of Aerobotic Innovations, adds, “The newly formed Botlink LLC enables us to accelerate our time to market by leveraging the experience and expertise of both companies. We’re especially excited for the opportunities for farmers – longer flight time and real-time data distribution means more acres covered.”

With the joint venture, Zimmerman will serve as Botlink’s CEO, and Muehler will transition to chief operating officer.

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