Joint Venture Brings Drone-Enabled Ag Intelligence to Latin America

1401_thinkstockphotos-469130676 Joint Venture Brings Drone-Enabled Ag Intelligence to Latin AmericaBoulder, Colo.-based Agribotix LLC has partnered with multinational company Eco BCG to bring agricultural intelligence solutions with drone-enabled technology to Latin America.

The joint venture, Agribotix-Latin America, is headquartered in Panama City and has additional offices in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile. Regional sales, training and customer service will be provided by Agribotix-Latin America and its authorized dealers.

According to Agribotix, the joint venture enables rapid, efficient expansion of reach for both companies. Latin America represents a large market, with substantial acreage dedicated to agriculture. Agribotix provides agricultural intelligence using agriculture-specific, drone-enabled technologies, and Eco BCG provides clean technologies for business operations, including agricultural production.

Growers, non-governmental organizations, agronomists and authorized dealers can use drones to collect aerial field data, which is then uploaded to Agribotix-Latin America's cloud platform. Agribotix specialists then return high-resolution images and actionable reports that can be used to optimize inputs and to identify issues – enabling increased crop yields and profits.

Agribotix-Latin America has two offerings: a turnkey, integrated drone data collection and analysis solution, as well as the cloud-based FarmLens data processing solution for customers who already have their own drones.

“Just a few weeks into our launch, the joint venture has already signed nearly a dozen customers,” notes Lou Faust, CEO of Agribotix. “It's indicative of how ag intelligence is being embraced globally, and Agribotix is playing a emerging leadership role in that growth.”


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