Jewelry Company Expects to Ship by Drones Within One Year

New York City-based personalized jewelry maker is rolling out a plan to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver its online products to customers.

‘Drones will be purchased for same-day delivery of orders directly to customers' doorsteps. Shoppers will be able to design, buy jewelry and have it delivered within an hour – if it is ordered before 4:00 pm EST,” explains Daniel Schifter, president and CEO of the company.

The pilot program is scheduled to be tested locally, and the service will be expanded as needed, the company says. ‘Our plan is to use the guidelines of the [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)] and a public campaign to announce the utilization of drones to deliver packages. Public awareness is of critical importance to executing the plan,’ adds Schifter.

PicturesOnGold expects the service to be approved by the agency and implemented within a one-year time frame.

Online retail giant Amazon has detailed since December 2013 a plan to use UAVs to deliver packages to customers. It recently submitted a letter to the FAA in hopes of receiving exemption from the agency’s rules that prohibit the commercial use of drones.


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