Isle of Man Police to Deploy DJI Phantom 4 at Motorcycle Festival

The Isle of Man Constabulary – the police force for the Isle of Man, an island nation located near the U.K. – is planning to deploy a drone for its Festival of Motorcycling from Aug. 19 – Sept. 3.

The police will use a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter, equipped with “high-intensity blue flashing strobes,” according to a story from

The report says the country’s aviation authority has collaborated with the constabulary and their drone pilot for the operations.

“This trial seeks to prove that the use of a drone can reduce demand on policing. Following serious collisions, the constabulary will be able to get roads opened sooner – thus reducing the impact on the public,” says Inspector Allan Thompson.

Colin Gill, deputy director of the island’s Civil Aviation Administration, adds, “The operation of all drones in the Isle of Man is governed by legal requirements that specify what drone operators should do and where drones can and cannot fly.”


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