inUAVi Creates Integrated RF Measurement Tool for Drones

Ontario-based start-up inUAVi has announced the availability of its radio frequency (RF) measurement instrument for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

According to the company, the product collects and relays data in real time to the drone operator from an application integrated within the drone’s operating system.

“We’re excited to introduce our advanced electronic sensors and payloads that are controlled through the core UAV system, transforming the way data is collected and processed using airborne platforms,” says Marc Bouvrette, president of inUAVi. “For enterprises doing antenna inspections and deployments, real-time measurements can enable immediate adjustments to the network, provide more accurate measurements, and reduce the time required to inspect and adjust wireless equipment.”

inUAVi says its lightweight, integrated and portable applications run on common iOS platforms – automating previously complex measurements and delivering results to the palm of the operator’s hands. Its proprietary radio modules currently process signals in commonly used WCDMA and LTE bands – providing spectrum data, channel power and other key measurements that can be collected and relayed to ground stations in real time.

inUAVi notes its equipment can be used for drone applications such as antenna alignment measurements, wireless network quality measurements and pre-installation site surveys.

The company’s solutions will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress Americas trade show in San Francisco on Sept. 12-14. Gap Wireless, a distributor of products and services for the mobile broadband and wireless markets, now stocks and distributes inUAVi products.


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