Introducing the Zyro DroneBall, a Quadcopter for Outdoor Sports

903_zyrodrone Introducing the Zyro DroneBall, a Quadcopter for Outdoor SportsRedwood City, Calif.-based Zyro has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Zyro DroneBall – a flying ball for outdoor gaming.

Created by engineers, drone enthusiasts and rugby players, the Zyro DroneBall features a quadcopter base, wireless networking, remote controls and a smartphone app.

The aircraft is a smart ball that interacts with multiple players or drones and reacts like a player – according to movement from the remote controls, which can be attached to racquets, for example – by moving around a virtual arena programmed by Zyro.

The aircraft’s wireless networking lets players choose a game through the smartphone app. For example, the drone can be used as the ball in a virtual tennis match. The remote controls can also be attached to other quadcopters.

“Zyro was founded out of a love of drones, getting outside for a pickup game and gaming,” says Andrew Smith, Zyro developer. “Combining the best in control systems and sensor technology with the freedom and fun of sports has been an incredible undertaking.”

The Kickstarter campaign will allow the technology already developed to be tooled for production. Zyro also plans to encourage a community for game developers by opening an aerial gaming application programming interface.

More information can be found here.


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