Introducing the Coffee Copter

A Lab, a media and technology startup center in Amsterdam, has programmed a new quadcopter to serve coffee orders on different floors within the company building.

Named the ‘Coffee Copter,’ the device works through a smartphone app, so consumers can order their beverage of choice without leaving their desk.

With every order, the app sends a signal to the A Lab coffee corner, ‘The Coffee Virus,’ on the ground floor of the building, where the coffee is freshly made and then delivered to individual offices by the Coffee Copter.

The copter uses a stabilizer to keep the coffee upright during the flight, and it uses object recognition and movement detection to avoid both people and objects. Programmed with a 3D algorithm, the drone flies specified routes through the building. The Coffee Copter will land at the delivery address on its specially designed landing pillar and will signal when the coffee is ready to drink.

The Coffee Copter has successfully flown its first test flight, and the project is now seeking investors for further development.


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