Introducing the Albatross UAV from Applied Aeronautics


1024_applied_1 Introducing the Albatross UAV from Applied AeronauticsApplied Aeronautics LLC has released its Albatross unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform and a line of supporting products.

With a 10-foot wingspan and an entirely electric propulsion system, the Albatross can fly over two hours and cover 100 miles. It cruises at 38-45 mph and reaches a speed of 90 mph.

The company explains that the aircraft was built to adapt to a number of applications, no matter the climate or terrain: e.g., completing long-distance surveys of land, inspecting property or assisting firefighters (with the addition of a thermal camera).

By configuring the airframe with one of the company’s kits or ready-to-fly models, the Albatross can take off, fly and land autonomously via predefined flight paths.

Albatross airframes start at $650, DIY kits start at $1,300 and ready-to-fly (RTF) models start at $2,200.

In conjunction with the launch of the Albatross UAV, Applied Aeronautics has launched a dual-screen, daylight-readable ground station – a computer that allows the user to control the Albatross and watch video in real time. Applied is also offering handheld tablet ground stations, flat mapping gimbals and high-definition video links in this line of products.

The Albatross UAV and supporting products are available for purchase on Kickstarter through April 13.

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