International Collab: Spanish UAVs to be Used for Ag Research in Israel


1272_alpha_systems International Collab: Spanish UAVs to be Used for Ag Research in IsraelMadrid, Spain-based Alpha Unmanned Systems SL says two of its Sniper helicopter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been acquired by the Volcani Center of Israel for agricultural research.

Alpha Unmanned Systems says this sale, its first to a company in Israel, marks a milestone in Alpha’s international development.

The Sniper, suitable for agricultural and industrial uses, can autonomously fly for 120 minutes and offers a payload of 2.5 kg and a range of 15-30 km.

The Volcani Center serves as the research arm of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the state of Israel and provides research opportunities for local and international scientists at post-graduate levels, as well as educational opportunities for Israeli and international youths, farmers and scientists. The organization supports Israeli agriculture research, focusing on plant sciences, animal sciences, plant protection, soil and environmental sciences, food sciences, and agricultural engineering.

“We are delighted to include the latest UAV technology for agricultural monitoring and are very pleased to be working with Alpha in Spain,” comments Victor Alchanatis of the Volcani Center. “Alpha’s products enable us to extend our research within budget and extend agricultural investigation using the latest UAV and imaging technology available.’

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