Inspections Provider Seeks Exemption to Use Aeryon SkyRanger


690_aeryon-skyranger Inspections Provider Seeks Exemption to Use Aeryon SkyRangerVDOS Global LLC has submitted a request to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Section 333 exemption to use the Aeryon SkyRanger for flare stack and infrastructure inspections, according to Aeryon Labs Inc.

Specializing in on- and off-shore inspections for the oil and gas and environmental industries, Corvallis, Ore.-based VDOS Global has requested approval to conduct the inspections using the Aeryon because of the aircraft’s ability to do the following:

  • Improve safety and reduce risk by alleviating human exposure to danger;
  • Improve the flare stack inspection processes and reduce operating costs; and
  • Provide environmental monitoring during inspections.

Aeryon Labs says unmanned inspections can aid in documenting and ensuring the structure emissions process is working properly and that harmful gases are not being released into the environment. The exemption request was submitted in the spring and has been under FAA review.

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