Indiana State and Sinclair Form UAS Partnership

Indiana State University (ISU) and Dayton, Ohio’s Sinclair Community College have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to further boost their unmanned systems programs.

According to ISU, pooling the resources of its five colleges with Sinclair’s will enable collaborative data and analytics innovation to address the increasing volumes of information demands companies are facing. Specifically, the two will focus on uses for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in agriculture and data analytics technology.

“We have anticipated this day for some time as a great step forward for both Indiana and Ohio,” comments Richard Baker, chair of Indiana State’s department of aviation technology. “There are times when two heads are better than one. In this case, ISU and Sinclair are partnering in a strategic alliance to address the needs of industry and the workforce.”

In June, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education approved for ISU a four-year unmanned systems program – the first of its kind in the state – with the support of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the Indiana Office of Defense Development.

“The MOU is a major accomplishment that will provide great advantages to the students of the College of Technology,” says Bob English, dean of the College of Technology at ISU. “The programs at Sinclair Community College and ISU both focus on first responders, precision agriculture and geo-spatial information. By partnering with Sinclair, our students have access to projects, equipment and companies that they would not otherwise have access to.”

Deb Norris, senior vice president for Sinclair workforce development, adds, “By establishing this partnership with Indiana State University, we’re creating a solid foundation for the role that UAS will continue to play in advancing agricultural sciences throughout this region. UAS have shown incredible potential for improving farming techniques, and with the large economic impact that agriculture has in both Ohio and Indiana, we expect this to be a driving force in the industry for years to come.”


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