Illinois Legislation Would Allow UAV Training by Law Enforcement


An Illinois bill that would allow law enforcement to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for training purposes has passed the Senate Criminal Law Committee and now moves to the full Senate, according to the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS).

ILEAS, which supports the legislation, says S.B.2588 would amend the Freedom From Drone Surveillance Act, which currently does not allow law enforcement to deploy UAVs except under six “very specific situations,” which do not include training.

According to the synopsis of the bill, sponsored by State Sen. Antonio Muñoz, D-Chicago, the UAV training must be done “in a geographically confined and time-limited manner to safeguard the privacy of individuals.” The operations may be conducted on “public lands, parks, highways, roadways or areas belonging to [Illinois],” as long as the agency “provides advance and on-site notice.” In addition, any drone-collected data would be erased “as soon as no longer required for training purposes.”

ILEAS says its legislative liaison, John Millner, recently testified in support of the bill at an Illinois Senate Criminal Law Committee meeting, where it was passed by a vote of 8-1-3.

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