Iglesias’ UAV Injury Shows How Not to Use the Powerful Technology

Following the widely reported news of singer Enrique Iglesias' unfortunate hand injury from grabbing an in-flight unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at his concert in Mexico, an update from his website says the blades actually caused damage ‘a bit worse than initially assessed.’

In a YouTube video from ABC News, Iglesias can be seen holding over his head a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter – which had been filming the crowd – to “give the audience a point-of-view shot.” When he reaches for the aircraft with another hand, he ends up with a profusely bloody injury.

A statement from “Team Enrique” on his site says that along with having “reconstructive surgery,” Iglesias was treated for a hand fracture. Although the surgery “lasted longer than expected,” Team Enrique believes he will have a “full recovery.”

The incident demonstrates not only the growing popularity of UAVs – Iglesias is an internationally recognized superstar – but also the importance of properly using the powerful technology.

The full video can be found here.


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