Identified Technologies Rolls out Slew of New Drone Mapping Features

identified technologies
Site IQ - Haul Road Analysis

Pittsburgh-based Identified Technologies has announced a suite of new drone mapping features and services for its Site IQ customers in the construction, mining, energy and engineering sectors.

The new features, which will be launched and automatically pushed to customers throughout 2018, include as follows:

  • Haul Road Analysis – Allows users to incorporate mapped haul roads into the orthomosaic they receive when flying their site by drone. This analysis will cover the slope and width of the road.
  • Slope Maps – Enables users to move a cursor over any point to see the exact slope for that location. It will show slopes by both degree and percent grade.
  • Plan IQ Camera View – Provides a live stream of what the camera sees when the drone is flying. This is particularly valuable for maintaining continuous line of sight on the drone as it flies, as required by federal regulations.
  • Change Detection Tool Color Coding – Empowers users to color-code piles of different object and measure change accordingly.
  • Enterprise Site Permissions – Gives users more control over shared data so that they can customize the level of access and control they want to grant individual customers, contractors and stakeholders.
  • DJI Inspire 2 Drone – Customers will receive upgrades to the new DJI Inspire 2 with their Identified Technologies subscription.

According to the company, the most dramatic changes to Identified Technologies’ Site IQ software capabilities are the Haul Road Analysis and Slope Map features. For quickly constructed and heavily trafficked dirt roads, steep slopes result in dramatic increases in gas consumption and costs, accelerated wear and tear on vehicles, or exacerbated hazards from ice and inclement weather, says Identified. Going from just a .02% to .01% slope can double the fuel efficiency of the vehicle traveling on the road. In turn, a single large piece of equipment on a less steep slope could save a company $400,000 in fuel over a three-year project, according to the company.

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