Idaho Companies Combine UAS Services, Expand Reach in U.S.

Empire Unmanned LLC has announced its acquisition of Star, Idaho-based Advanced Aviation Solutions (ADAVSO).

According to Tim Komberec, president and CEO of Empire Airlines, the acquisition provides Empire Unmanned “the capability to provide an even wider range of unmanned aircraft services into a broader service area.” Empire Holdings is the primary owner of Empire Unmanned and also owns 100% of Empire Airlines Inc., a passenger/cargo airline in Hayden, Idaho.

Through several Section 333 drone exemptions from the Federal Aviation Administration, both companies are involved in a number of government and commercial contracts, including for infrastructure inspections, firefighting, mining, agriculture, engineering/surveys, university research and academics, defense contractor research and development, unmanned aircraft system consultation, environmental and forestry assessment, and GIS/remote sensing.

Empire Unmanned says it is now adding California, Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska to its existing service area of Idaho, Washington, Montana, Utah and Oregon.

“I am excited by the opportunities as we enter this new phase with Empire Unmanned,” comments Steve Edgar, ADAVSO’s president and CEO. “Our combined capacity to attract new customers, expand into new regions and develop new products will increase dramatically.”


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