Hyderabad Imposes ‘Reasonable Checks’ for All Unmanned Aircraft

India’s Hyderabad City Police have banned the use of unmanned aircraft in the city unless the operator has permission in writing from both the police and aviation authority.

In a memo posted to their Facebook page, the police say while there is an “increasing trend by events organizers to use remote-controlled drones for getting aerial views for live telecasts and photography of various events,” there is also the possibility that “terrorist/antisocial elements” can “organize attacks” using the technology.

Thus, the police feel they must take into account the “grave danger to human life, health, safety and damage to public property” and impose “reasonable checks” in the form of written clearance. According to a release from the government’s National Investigation Agency, five people were arrested last week for allegedly conspiring to “commit terrorist attacks by targeting public places” in Hyderabad. (The release does not mention the use of unmanned aircraft.)

The drone ban is in effect from July 8 to Aug. 7.


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