Hybrid ‘delftAcopter’ Drone Operates with One Propeller

Researchers at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), based in the Netherlands, have developed a hybrid drone that they say takes off like a helicopter, tilts 90 degrees and then flies like an airplane.

According to the researchers, the drone performs in this manner by using a single large propeller – meaning it has hardly any unnecessary control actuators on board when in flight.

In turn, the unmanned aircraft, known as the “delftAcopter,” could be suitable for providing medical aid in difficult-to-reach areas, for example, says TU Delft.

The aircraft, weighing 4 kg, is also capable of fully autonomous flight, including takeoff, transition to forward flight and back, and landing.

On Sept. 27-29, the drone will be competing in Australia’s UAV Medical Express Challenge.Hybrid 'delftAcopter' Drone Operates with One Propeller


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