Human vs. Crashing eBee: What’s the Damage?

619_sensefly_ebee_drone_3.21.2014 Human vs. Crashing eBee: What's the Damage?How destructive is a collision between a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and a human? According to a recent test by Danish Aviation Systems (DAS), it's no big deal for the person – if the crash comes from the eBee, the mapping UAV from senseFly.

DAS explains in a post that it flew the aircraft straight onto its CEO's head at a speed of five meters (almost 16.5 feet) per second. DAS reports “not one single scratch” for the exec; however, the eBee ended up with some wing damage.

Video footage shows the man jumping up to meet the vehicle in the air and heading it as if it were a soccer ball. The video explains that the eBee “absorb[s] the impact” during a crash. Of course, though, this is only one type of small UAV – heavier-weight aircraft would not be as kind.

DAS found that the eBee expends 8.75 Joules of energy when it lands on something, while a frisbee and a U.S. football expend 15.8 and 45, respectively.

The full experiment can be found here.

Photo courtesy of senseFly


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