Hexagon’s New Precision Ag Mapping Apps Focused on UAV Market

Hexagon Geospatial has released seven different Vegetation Health Hexagon Smart M.Apps, which make use of remote sensing algorithms to identify plant and crop health from a variety of different sensors.

Focused on the burgeoning precision agriculture movement and the increasing ubiquity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the cloud-based map applications make remote sensing techniques accessible to more users, explains Hexagon Geosptial.

“Many of these indices have been available to remote sensing scientists and image analysts for years,” says Mladen Stojic, Hexagon Geospatial’s president. “These Hexagon Smart M.Apps leverage the power contained within our desktop products, offering targeted components within lightweight apps.”

The seven M.Apps focus on different aspects of crop, vegetation and agriculture health measurement: e.g., examining tall crops or identifying the location and extent of burned areas.


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